Helicopter excursion to the South Kamchatka reserve. Kuril lake with bears. Caldera of the Ksudach volcano. Khodutkinsky hot springs

Kamchatka is rightfully considered the most bearish place in Russia. And Kuril Lake, in turn, is the most bearish place in Kamchatka.

Herds of salmon come here to spawn, followed by crowds of bears. In late summer, over 200 brown bears gather in the lake basin; they are gullible because they are under the protection of the South Kamchatka nature reserve. Here you can watch the life of these amazing animals from a distance of just a few meters.

Ksudach was declared a natural monument of landscape and geological nature. The eruption that destroyed the cone of the volcano occurred in 1907. The ashes from this eruption can be traced more than 200 km north.

Khodutkinsky hot springs

Swimming in a unique hot river, the water temperature in which reaches 40 °. Khodutkinsky springs are considered medicinal, they contain a large amount of silicic acid.

Types of activities

  • Landing on the Kuril Lake;
  • Watching brown bears and salmon walking;
  • Boat excursion;
  • Walking routes;
  • Lunch overlooking mountain landscapes;
  • Stop at the crater lake of the Ksudach volcano;
  • Walking excursion along the shore of the Klyuchevoye lake;
  • Inspection of the Hot Beach;
  • Swimming in the Khodutkinsky hot springs.

Route map

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