Commander Islands, Bering island, Medny island

  • Arrival at the Nikolskoe airport;
  • Transfer to the hotel;
  • Accommodation.

The Commander Islands, discovered by the expedition of Vitus Bering in 1741, are the western end of the Commander-Aleutian island ridge. They are represented by two large islands - Bering and Medny and two small islands - Toporkov and Ariy Kamen.

Helicopter tour to the Commander Islands

The Komandorskiy nature reserve is the largest marine reserve in Russia, with amazing inhabitants: cetaceans, pinnipeds, seabirds, sea otters, polar foxes. At a distance of 22-25 km from Nikolskoye are the Northern and Severo-Zapadnoye rookeries, where you can observe the complex family relationships of northern fur seals and sea lions (northern sea lions), as well as learn the ability to enjoy life from anturs (seals with a bright spotted skin color). Here you are almost guaranteed to meet Arctic foxes: they are great lovers of feeding on rookeries.

Types of activities

Departure by helicopter to Bering Island

  • Flight near active volcanoes (Kronotsky, Bezymyanny, Udina, Ushkovsky, Krestovsky).

Landing on Bering Island

  • Trekking to the rookery of fur seals and sea lions (walking tour);
  • Observing the life of sea animals and polar foxes.

Boat trip along the sea

  • Excursion to the “Bird Islands. Toporkov Island "with landing on the island, inspection of the seabird colony (gulls, kittiwakes, cormorants);
  • Trip to Lake Sarannoe (excursion, observation of salmon spawning).

Boat trip to Steller's Arch, excursion route along the western coast of Bering Island

  • Watching cetaceans (humpback whales, killer whales, minke whales);
  • Excursion and inspection of the natural monument - Steller's Arch.

Trekking to the Commander Bay along the eastern coast of Bering Island, famous for its waterfalls and bays (Bayan Bay - famous for its gems)

  • Excursion to the grave of Vitus Bering in the “Komandor” Bay;
  • Visit to the local museum of local lore;
  • Visit to the private museum of the famous Kamchatka traveler and writer Leonid Mikhailovich Pasenyuk.


  • Summer;
  • Autumn.

How to get there

  • Helicopter;
  • Equipped research vessel.


Vitus Bering Hotel

On this trip, you will live in a comfortable hotel, and you will get to Bering Island by air or sea transport. This journey takes place without tedious crossings and overnight stays in tents.


Route map

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