Mountain Shelter of Saint Timon

We have created a tourist service that promotes respect for the native land, for a comfortable stay in Kamchatka. In order to develop ecotourism in Kamchatka, the company has implemented a project to organize an eco-hotel on the territory of Timonovskie hot springs.

Accommodation at St Timon Mountain Shelter

The eco-style of the Mountain Shelter is not only environmentally friendly materials, but also the possibility of their utilization, and the application of minimal harm to nature during construction and operation, and the creation of the most comfortable conditions for rest for a person.

  • Comfortable rooms with free Wi-Fi;
  • Restaurant with seasonal menu;
  • 2 pools with thermal water;
  • Russian bath and ice pool;
  • Yoga room;
  • Massage room;
  • Individual climate control.


Wild territory

Timonovsky nature reserve is a unique place with a rich history and strong energy. It covers 105 thousand hectares of forest and mountain lands. There are three natural monuments on the territory of the reserve: Lake Kostakan, lakes around the Bakening volcano and Timonovskie hot springs.

Eco-hut is located in the picturesque valley of the Timonovsky nature reserve. The territory of the reserve is surrounded by rocky spurs of the Avachinsky ridge. The tranquility of its borders is guarded by the majestic Bakening volcano and the Ganalskie Vostryak mountain range. The three main rivers of the peninsula - Kamchatka, Bystraya and Avacha - originate from here.

Hot springs are located between two hills on the Timonovskaya pad 'river. For many decades it has been a place of pilgrimage for tourists from all over the world. The springs are known for their healing properties.

According to legend, the healing water of these places in the 18th century gave health to the minister of the Christian faith Timon. Once in the winter, Father fell seriously ill. Local residents told him about the miraculous hot water, which, according to legend, was heated by some kind of perfume. The priest was taken to a bear's corner on dog sleds and left all alone. Spring soon came, the residents remembered Timon and set off to the sources in search of him. No one hoped that the elder would recover and live alone in the forest. But Timon not only survived, but recovered and got stronger. As a sign of the consecration of healing springs, Timon attached an icon to a birch tree. He was named a saint, and the springs, river and hills were christened in honor of the elder.

Ecology and comfort

We have built a hotel that fits into the natural landscape and does not disturb the peace of the wild. We tried to comply with the principle of environmental friendliness in everything and laid love for nature in every detail.

We respect nature, admire beauty and honor its laws. When laying the foundation, installing solar panels, collectors and establishing waste-free production, we thought about preserving the environment.

We thought of you, installing a microclimate system in each room, creating a menu of seasonal products and compiling programs for relaxation. This is how a place appeared where you will find inner harmony.

A restaurant

The restaurant is located on the 1st floor of the hotel. Indoors, panoramic windows to the floor, two exits to the terrace.

Kamchatka is famous for its cuisine. It is worth coming here for the fresh seafood and the gifts of the land.

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