Air and sea transport

Helicopter Mi-8 MTV VIP

Flagship helicopter "Vityaz-Aero" for business and tourist trips around Kamchatka in a comfortable atmosphere. Created on the basis of Mi-8MTV-1.

The increased noise insulation will allow for business negotiations on board the helicopter. The salon is equipped with leather seats, large rectangular portholes for better visibility and an air conditioning system. In the back of the salon there is a restroom and wardrobe, in the front there is a kitchenette and a refrigerator.

  • Passengers: 9 persons
  • Loading capacity: 4 000 kg
  • Cruising speed: 240 km/h
  • High ceiling: 6 000 m
  • Flight range: 590 km

Helicopter Mi-8 T

The transport version of the Mi-8 helicopter has a 23 m3 cargo compartment with a reinforced floor, cargo mooring units, etc.

  • Passengers: 22 persons
  • Loading capacity: 4 000 kg
  • Cruising speed: 225 km/h
  • High ceiling: 4 500 m
  • Flight range: 480 km

Helicopter Mi-2

A light multipurpose helicopter, according to technical characteristics, designed for six passengers and one crew member.

In order not to overload the car, we carry up to four passengers in it.

At “Vityaz-Aero”, Mi-2 helicopters are used for passenger transportation in the Kamchatka Territory.

  • Passengers: 6 persons
  • Loading capacity: 700 kg
  • Speed: 240 km/h
  • High ceiling: 4 000 m
  • Flight range: 270 km

Helicopter Mi-8 T MTV1

An improved model of the Mi-8T helicopter with improved flight performance.

The machine is equipped with more powerful engines and additional outboard fuel tanks. The cab is equipped with a ramp for loading cargo.

  • Passengers: 26 persons
  • Loading capacity: 4 000 kg
  • Cruising speed: 240 km/h
  • High ceiling: 6 000 m
  • Flight range: 590 km

Helicopter Mi-8P

The Mi-8P is based on a transport modification.

The salon is equipped with heating and air conditioning systems, has rectangular windows and soft passenger seats.

  • Passengers: 24 persons
  • Loading capacity: 3 000 kg
  • Speed: 225 km/h
  • High ceiling: 4 200 m
  • Flight range: 425 km

Light twin-engine helicopter Bell 429

  • Aircraft class A
  • Operational efficiency, safety and comfort levels meet high standards.
  • The level of vibration and noise in flight is extremely low. Bose headphones with mic let you communicate freely while in flight
  • Fully integrated glass cockpit

Ergonomic seats can accommodate up to 7 people (red helicopter - 6 seats, blue helicopter - 7 seats)

Additional aviation transport

ВК117 С-2( ЕС-145)

Ми-8 МТВ1


Research vessel Athena

A cruise on the research vessel “Athena”, specially designed for sailing in the northern latitudes, is a great opportunity to witness the extraordinary diversity of animal and bird species in this part of the Pacific Ocean. Many representatives of the fauna are rare and it is an event to see them. The vessel is equipped with modern navigation equipment, dive-master and professional diver equipment.

  • Launch date: 12/27/2000
  • Length: 32 m
  • Width: 7 m
  • Board height: 2.7 m
  • Displacement: 169 r.t
  • Speed: 10 knots
  • Double-decked
  • Body material: steel
  • Two main engines CUMMINS KTA19-M500
  • Two screws
  • Total machine power: 1000 hp

Pleasure boat Omega

Marine joy boat "Omega" was built in Japan. For relaxation, comfort and entertainment of passengers on board there is a large saloon with a bar, equipped with the latest technology, TV and karaoke. Upstairs there is a warm panoramic lounge for relaxation and communication. Amenities: three toilets, two showers in the sleeping area, one on deck. Fishing enthusiasts will be delighted to have tackle for sea fishing. The vessel is equipped with modern navigation equipment, a dive master and diving equipment

  • Vessel names: OMEGA
  • Registered in / registration number: State ship register / 01679800
  • Date: 29.12.2014
  • Year / Place of Construction: 1983/Japan 
  • Boat type and purpose: Pleasure boat / pleasure boat
  • Main body material: Steel
  • Number of engines: 2
  • Engine make: Yanmar 6GHA-ET2
  • Engine power: 600 kW
  • Length overall(m): 30.48
  • Breadth overall(m): 6
  • Maximum draft(m): 1.8
  • Board height(m): 2.500

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